Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blendspace and Trello - DigiTech Tools Group

For my next assignment with the Mindlab I've chosen to share two tools Blendspace and Trello to try and improve the collaboration and sharing of ideas.

I really wish I had recorded the session this afternoon but my phone had died by the end of the day and it's such a shame because there was some truly rich learning happening between my colleagues and I. It was such an awesome feeling having all of us around the circle table sharing the tool, how it works and more importantly how they might use it in their classroom.

A couple of thoughts so far:

- Was good to have a range of teachers there from different departments (Maths, Science, Art, Reo Maori, English and Performing Arts)
- I am always better working one on one however I really need to fine tune that one on one teaching in a group setting - particularly with teachers
- I am super excited to share new things but I rush too fast in the beginning. I need to gauge where they're at faster and ensure what help they may need. This will come with time as I get to know the group.
- Small learnings like adding Copy at the end of a Google Doc to force a copy of the document so you aren't worried a student may be deleting your original are big learnings for others
- Sometimes a small takeaway is better than sitting there for ages and not learning a thing
- I need to monitor and guide just as much with colleagues but also be extra mindful of the bubbles too so I don't fluster or embarrass them in any way
- Even the most traditional of departments (Maths) need to think outside the box in using tech and how to use it effectively
- Those that think they know everything don't want to give back and share... seemingly insecure or happy in their comfort zone and expertise area?
- Great learning happens by accident - eg making lists and spelling is wrong but sharing ideas on how to use it - developing perspectives and trying something new - totally awesome
- Moving towards using Trello for collaboration and maybe even co-construction of tasks??
- Thinking about what we know and what we might want to learn and how we can apply it in class
- Being constantly aware of the very many restrictions we face with tech use and the process towards the happy alternative will take time
- Being acknowledged by the new principal was pretty cool... :)

More thoughts to come tomorrow

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