Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Evolution and Imagination: New Inspiration

Sometime last year when one of my past students (who is INCREDIBLY talented in all things arty) was feeling a bit down, I asked her whether she'd be able to design me something from a couple of ideas and sketches that I'd come up with. My muse was a DNA strand and a tree I'd seen somewhere last year and I told her a few of my ideas around growth mindset, 21st century learning, aroha and ako and the rest she made up from what she knew of me. She asked a few questions along the way.

Yesterday she sent me a photo of the finished product. She apologised for it having taken so long. Am so incredibly stoked and proud of her. This is absolutely incredibly beautiful. Let her know what you think in the comments. *Beaming Smile* #HeightsProud

Created and designed by Kristen Smith (2016)

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