Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Student Successes in English

Loads of successes recently in English - but one in particular I found out about today.

One of my Y11 students went on a writing retreat and showed her creative writing piece to one of the tutors there. He told her that he's never read something with such a deep emotional intelligence from someone so young before. She described it a hell of a lot better than I just did and plus her whole mood was infectious. So so proud of her. Suggested to her to set up a blog so that she can post her stories and we can share them out via the big wide web and get some commenting happening. Authentic audiences are key. Plus. Great motivation to keep writing when you know someone is reading. Also - it will be a great platform to get her self-published or picked up by a local editor.

Can't wait to see where she goes with her writing. So honoured to be able to say I taught her for two years but jeez... that girl. She's got natural talent.

Congrats V :)

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