Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ubiquitous Learning: Example

Just thinking about a moment today while helping one student with his assessment on GDocs.... he kept telling my other student to jump on the computer too to type her work up but she was happy writing het draft in her book first.

Another student who I don't teach but have talked with and inquired on her learning during exam time, came over to watch what me and my student were typing and marking and fixing on his work. She said, "That looks so cool. Can I have a go?" Or something to that extent. She did - I got her to share a doc with me and she began typing her work up.

Soon enough - I was marking both of their work and we began talking as we were working. She wondered why all teachers don't do this and we talked about the big elearning meeting we were about to have and how it's important to understand where some of the teachers are at the moment with tech stuff and how doing this could help us all.

Had just finished telling them both how proud I was (and am) of them looking at just the sheer amount of work and effort both of them put into their work. So stoked. The fact that my student had done more work in 20 minutes on GDocs compared to the majority of the term was astounding and he was impressed with himself too.

I was commenting on bits and pieces between both docs and then she said, "Miss, we need to have more teachers like you." Told her that her comment made my heart sing.

Beautiful. And with that... I'm off to sleep again. Awesome elearning meeting btw... update to come on that soon.

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