Friday, 6 March 2015

Birthdays are the Best!

Today is my Nan's birthday. I was meant to be born on her birthday but came two days early.

She is seriously the most amazing woman ever. Has always supported me. Through everything. Doesn't judge me and accepts me - warts and all. She can see at a distance exactly how I'm feeling and knows what to say.. even if it's just bringing a chair over to sit by me on the ground under my Grandads tree while I burst into a tonne of tears. All she did was rub my back and let me talk it out. This last year was a difficult Christmas.

Nan has recently started telling me what she wants for her future. She isn't normally this morbid - but her upcoming surgeries are freaking her out. Fair enough too actually. I'm really worried about it too actually. More so that my mum isn't looking after her like she has dutifully done in the past.

My nan is a fighter. After several cancer battles with melanoma and sticking with my Grandad after everything and staying strong for him throughout his overwhelming and difficult battle too - it's not reassuring that she is freaking out now. But perhaps she too is trying to ready me - not just myself for the eventual likelihood in the hopefully very distant future. We Bowen, Steer and Le Long women live long. Here's hoping Nan is still around when my children are grown like her Mum was for me.

On my birthday she sent me a card. She is honestly so thoughtful and appreciative, humble and unassuming. She will always do her utmost to please others before herself and would rather she go without than not let us eat. She loves to keep the peace and avoids confrontations at all costs - often to her detriment.

I love her loads. Love you nan. Happy Birthday.