Saturday, 7 March 2015

Organising Around Workload - Blair O'Brien: PPTA Issues and Organising 2015

Organising Around Workload
Blair O’Brien (Field Officer)

Success Stories
What Lead to Success

Rest breaks - 2000
solidarity, education
Not covering relief. Timetabling policy
Compensation. Negotiate a sensible way of putting it into the timetabling policy. Research, membership density
Non Contact: days off? Duty Relief?
Principal support,

For an issue to be won it needs to be:
Deeply felt
Widely held &
Winnable (pick your fights)
Add evidence

Brainstorm issues at a local or national level that are:
Deeply felt
Widely held &

PLGs and Academic counselling, initiatives not done or done well, Inquiry PLGs, Pastoral Care blowout, internal assessment, assessment worse since alignment, data gathering, ensure that we have lists of at-risk students, committees, multi-level classes, individualised programmes, class sizes, form/whanau time, tech expectations, appraisal processes change, duties, study session which is not counted as contact, pressure for results to be better, expectation to take extra classes for scholarship students, building a culture - what are you taking out?,
Change Management toolkit - fab way to talk professionally with management

Health and Safety legislation for Science class sizes. Endeavour means that they need to tell you why it can’t happen


Legislation; Consultation, Health and Safety
Industrial Action

Moratorium of initiatives. Initiative-itis. If it's not improving student learning and achievement then why are we doing it?

PLD Toolkit is also important!!!!! Check it out.


Health and Safety officer at every school.

- Workload provisions

Health and Safety

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