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Workload Protections - A Quick History of Provisions: Rob Willets - PPTA Issues and Organising Conference 2015

Workload Protections - A Quick History of Provisions
Rob Willets

1991 - Codification

  • Any non-contact time by grace and favour and practice of school
  • 23 hrs pw teaching common but could be 25
  • First yr teachers could teach up to 20 hpw
  • No class size constraints
  • Te Atakura grads from 1987-1990 recieve a time allowance
  • Taching wk 10 half days (effectively 25 hrs)
  • Teaching yr 380 half days

Claim and campaigns
  • workload
  • class size
  • mac contact time
  • max classsize
  • max 500 student hpw contact claim
  • Max hrs per year claim

No movement on provisions in the 1990s but pressure built up to address workload issues.

2015-03-07 15.35.25.jpg

1996 STA settlement
PLD call-back when school closed for instruction limited to 5 days p.a (w reimbursement consts)

1999 STCA settlement
Limit call-backfor admin when school closed for instruction

2000 SSRG
School Staffing Review Group 2000 - PPTA secures 1,800 FTTE extra staffing for sec and area schools - sufficient to resource 20 hrs max contact and an hr per unit
2001 claim for max contact time of 20 hrs
Mallard “over my dead body” - PPTA members decide this is the scenic route
Significant industrial action 2001-2002

2004 STCA
From 2006 min 5 NC hpw for full-timers
Y1 - 15hpw contact time
Y2  - 17.5 hpw contact time
1hpw per permanent unit (up to 3)
Table of min non-contact hpw for part-timers 18hpw and above (not prorated)
Medical retirement
Sabbatical scheme

2011 STCA settlement
HoDBTTA extended - 1hpw per Y2PRT with BTTA
Ten new 10 wk senior manager sabbaticals pa
Sec sc staffing review group

2012 Staffing Cuts Fight
Govt policy to cut staffing and increase class sizes at junior levels reversed. “90% of schools will lose or gain no more than 1 FTTE”
  • Resourcing
  • Information
  • Lobbying
  • Political
  • Media

1990-2015 Claw Backs
There have been aggressive employer claims around workload during industrial rounds in the 1990s and since 2007

Next phase 2015-2018

Claims dev process

  • Teacher Workload Taskforce - What is the most effective change to make to fix the workload problem? We need to have a really good idea of what our individual issues are with workload and think about what the symptoms and solutions are for these.
  • Review of Work of the Middle Manager

  • Media work
  • Political activities
  • Lobbying
  • Representational work
  • Use of other legislation (eg. H&SA)

2016/17/18 claims -  Need to start thinking about future claims and process within this