Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Inquiries for 2015

I was thinking about what my inquiry would be this year to put into Interlead.

Then I realised there was more than just one. And.... that I wanted to achieve them all.

So I wrote them all out on Google Docs, shared it in the Heights PLD folder I created and am now posting it up here too...

Alex Le Long - Inquiries for 2015

  • Develop stronger understanding and use of literature circles
    • Read articles, blogs and ask questions from those who do it effectively
  • Develop stronger awareness and use of Google Drive with students
    • Teach workshops and take PLD sessions to further develop my own knowledge
    • Find courses that will help to develop these skills
    • Ask for help from Google Educators and Trainers
    • Invite others from our community to teach our staff
    • Create breakout sessions to develop ability to individualise own learning
  • Implement a strong reading programme for students
    • Adapt the reading programmes used last year and allocate point system from Reading Fitness programme (Text Rating) and ensure students are bringing logs in to be checked
  • Implement a strong PB4L focus in all classes
    • Use ClassDojo app and in browser to continue pushing the PB4L in class and enable students to do their best work possible
    • Print out ClassDojo parent slips
  • Continue developing Growth Mindset programme for classes
    • Go to Carol Dweck’s conference!!!!! (SAVE SAVE SAVE!!)
    • Blog
    • Share students successes last year. Invite past students in to talk with current classes
  • Develop a strong social studies programme
    • Learn how to break things down! Don’t need to teach EVERY aspect.
    • Remember how to write a social sciences essay!
    • Get the SocSci brain back
  • Develop the ability to say NO to things that are outside of these inquiry choices
    • Don’t say yes to everything.
    • Be aware of opportunities that come your way and be open to them and also assess risk (to myself, to students, to school) in terms of overcommitment
  • Build a stronger PLD focus for myself that is personalised around my inquiry choices
    • Maintain #educamp, #ConnectedRotorua, conferences, edchats and other PLD sessions to build network and maintain connections.
    • Upskill and share own knowledge with edu peers
    • Be ambitious - but remember the power of the shoulder tap!!!
  • Be consistent.
    • Do what works and try new things too.
    • Enable students to succeed and enable myself to feel successful also.
  • BLOG
    • My successes and also my failures. Learn from both.
    • Read and comment on other peoples’ blogs
  • Update and use Google Site for students
    • Create a permalink for the Site for students and families to access
  • Develop classroom environment so that it is a welcoming and inviting place, and also to enable students to learn effectively
    • Keep class and resources tidy
    • Organise class configuration according to lesson aims
    • Attempt to fix and solve any classroom issues myself and ask Wini and the caretakers to help
    • Ask for help for more important issues - curtains and projector (and bracket)
  • Improve #EngChatNZ
    • Build a team of helpers and supporters
    • Promote the chat
    • Build on last year’s efforts and successes!

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