Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ULearn14 - The BYOD Journey with Kate Olliff

How Ready are You?

  • Technical Support
  • Wireless Access
  • Network Storage
  • Power Supply - are you going to 
  • Online Security
  • Physical Security
  • Learning Environment - no point bringing device if digital learning isn't already taking place
  • Staff Readiness - start small. Focus on particular apps and then move through other ones too. The teacher doesn't need to know it all - like everything. Student shift of power rather than silo's and teacher as instructor. 
  • Community Support - if you have no digital learning going on in the school and you're going with devices then 
They haven't brought it into the whole school yet - because not everyone is ready. Don't want to hold anyone back either. 

How did Wairakei do it?

Deciding on the Details
  • School wide or specific year levels?
  • 1:1 class or mixed? -transform the learning environment - chose one class and moving towards MLE and mixed learning. Tried to save compulsory to recommended policies. The way the learning is structured - it won't matter so much if some don't have them.
  • Devices - ipads in the school. Apps that they'd trialled and tested. Durability, battery life and ... They're not going into a one platform world - they're multi-platform. 
  • Digital Learning Environment - Class space set up with digi learning. Lit and maths activity. Partnered that with Google Apps and then got Hapara to put it all together. How they create some of their learning, as well as their 
  • Apps - SAMR model video using PowToon. What is important is the level of learning with the technology rather than the tool. "Let's keep moving up!" Enhancement towards transformation. Are the apps transforming learning? If their parents choose an app then the students know what is a tool and what is just a game. 
  • Security - lockable tote container
  • Responsibility - students have responsibilities as do the school. Pic on Twitter. 
BYOD doesn't mean that students know how to use the internet. Important to teach digital citizenship. More info - here.

What challenges do you think you might experience in implementing 
and sustaining a BYOD environment?
  • Equality
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Cost
  • Loss of Manual Skills - parents think that they'll be on the devices all the time. Still tools that they can learn their writing too. I keep thinking about what +Matt Dalton (@mattdalton) said the other day about this - how years ago there was a worry that with driving the kids would still need to know how to ride a horse and cart in case the cars stopped working. 
  • Screen Time - Concern is that they're looking at the screen all the time at school and then at home too. Parents see the device as a toy. 

Then What?
  • Information Evening
  • Expressions of Interest - not a registration or form that 
  • Class Selection
  • BYOD Agreement - App Code Redemption
  • GAFE and Hapara Set Up
  • Device Set Up
  • Transformation of Learning!!
Day to Day
  • Must/Can Do approach - learn it, practice it, improve it. 
  • Teacher Planning
  • Hapara - email address is an educational tool. Planning on having Google Apps 
  • Flipped Learning
  • GAFE

What have we Learnt?
  • Communication is Key with parents
  • Planning is Essential
  • The Device alone is not enough
  • Students CAN DO IT
Digital Citizenship