Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Inquiry: Critical Mass

We currently have about 14 staff members on Twitter.

- S, J, me, D, E,M, So, Eu, ChS, L, N, La, ChH, ...

I have decided that rather than my normal "Are you on Twitter yet?" question... I send out emails about once a week - not too often and not too focussed. Recently it's been on Connected Educator month.

The next email is on Heights hosting Connected Educator TeachMeetNZ -Twitter F2F chat :) Next Friday after school.

Am looking forward to seeing how many staff come - but because it's Labour Weekend - there might not be too many people.

I have been hearing a lot lately about 'Critical Mass' and how important it is. Particularly how effective it is in changing mindsets.

There are differing percentages - but 20-30 percent tends to be the average. In a staff of 200 - that's 10-15 people. That's achieveable. As seen above.

Now the key is to get those staff tweeting and seeing how useful it is.

#edchatnz is having it's 2nd bday tomorrow night. Am really looking forward to the chat. What's slightly frustrating - is that I will be at our Rotaract meeting even though it will be really exciting having our Mayor Stevie Chadwick present to us :) So will need to multi task somehow. And hope that dinner is done by 8.30...

Some research on critical mass so far: