Monday, 23 April 2012

First Day Back - Term 2

I was nervous and not really looking forward to going back to school this morning. I was still tired and needed at least one more week  -  as we all do I suppose! I find getting back into it all the hardest thing. Today though, it was relatively easy. One key student wasn't at school. My  Y9 class actually commented on how quiet it was. We actually managed to get through an entire lesson plan! These holidays I focused (tried to!) on reports and Collins Writing and finding new resources. The Collins Writing programme projects make/made sense and used one today in class. The kids enjoyed it and I was stoked to have some writing mileage.

At school we are lucky enough to have a very dedicated member of staff, who is completely dedicated to us as new teachers. We shall call him 'H'. Now, H regularly gives us PD and wheelbarrows full of advice and wisdom on behaviour management, professionalism, strategies for unruly students etc. To date I have a HUGE folder filled with lots of this ridiculously useful information - that has just recently been added with a behavioural pass. Thanks H! I love it :) It really helps show that I am not that nutty - I'm just a beginning teacher.

This is a copy of the pass he gave me. Does this speak true with you too?

To Whom it Should Concern,

Alex is a first year teacher and will, from time to time, exhibit the side effects of professionalism, hard work and dedication to teaching way beyond the call of duty and salary. These side effects may include, but are not restricted to, an overwhelming desire to sleep at odd hours of the day, an uncontrollable urge to write lesson plans at odd hours of the night, a craving to mark and remark exercise books, projects or exam scripts at any odd time, day and/or night, a propensity to forget to pull out the meat from the freezer most days or just being remiss when it comes to buying the milk on the way home. Be aware that, for beginning teachers, holidays are a time to hibernate at least for the first week and a half and then catch up on work not finished last term (check for decaying un-marked exam scripts and exercise books under the bed). Furthermore, watch out for signs of 'spring cleaning' out of season and other peculiar hormonally driven behaviours. Both genders are affected with this affliction.

We advise caution and understanding when dealing with the aforementioned staff member. If in doubt, indulge the staff member: use humour, administer lots of dark chocolate, suggest visits to the cinema, the beach, a museum, the Waitakere Ranges etc to ease the symptoms. Temporarily hide the teacher's brief case, the Xerox box containing a class-load of assessments to mark and the black Teachers Planner book. Use 'Tough Love' strategies if necessary.

Consider engaging in a deep and meaningful discourse on the topic: 'Getting a Life'.

Should the above remedies fail to effect a positive change, please contact the writer at (my school) without delay!

Thank you for your support and understanding.



Isn't that awesome? Love it. On to the next few days, Anzac Day, lessons, reports and challenges.

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