Monday, 16 April 2012

School Holidays - The Biggest Procrastination - Take Two

My last post was long. This one should be a lot shorter. I didn't realise how passionate and stressed out I was over the Facebook issue. Though it, and my idea for introducing blogging to my classes, will be an ongoing thing I suppose until our school policies have altered to allow for safe social networking, use of technology for learning etc.

The continuation of my discussion:

  1. Introducing Facebook as a learning platform
  2. Over-thinking the quality of my teaching
  3. The Challenge - Enjoying the holidays but still getting school work done

Over-thinking the Quality of my Teaching

I don't know whether it is just because I am a beginning teacher and as I am told we all over-analyse everything and worry we aren't doing it 'right' - but I'm always feeling like I'm not. I know I am, but I feel like I'm not. Does this make any sense? 

I feel it is important to reflect on my teaching - on how I teach, but also what I teach. I worry the most about time constraints - something I will continue to learn how to do properly and master as the years go on. I worry because I stress out that I haven't taught the students in the best way possible. As one of my good friends J said to me once, "You're not." Because.. I'm not. But, that's in part the learning 'curve'. As a beginning teacher you are expected to know basically everything. You of course, do not. So of course, you won't do as well as an experienced teacher whose been teaching for 30+ years. But struggle you will - to try to teach as well as you can, to the best of your abilities and in essence, I have done this. I've done the best with what I know, and can do.

Do experienced teachers do this too?
Will I continue to worry about not doing well for the rest of my career?

The Challenge - Enjoying the holidays but still getting school work done

I've discussed with friends whether they were going in to school these holidays. I think I may be one of the only ones who actually went in/will go in to school during the holidays. My friends said - I don't think I need to go in, and said things with a blank stare as if I was nuts to go back in during the holidays. 

My challenge is trying to enjoy the holidays but still getting my schoolwork done. I have a tonne of reports to do, albeit they are term two reports so they aren't too in depth, though still difficult! I also have to sort out my planning for next term. I went into school a few days ago and spent most of the day re-organising my desk, and the huge pile of papers on the small desk beside mine. I struggle to comprehend how other teachers keep such clean and organised desks. Maybe its because I'm a creative person? But aren't all English teachers? Or can I blame being a history/social studies teacher for it? 

I want to be able to enjoy my holidays but still do school work. Most teachers (not beginning teachers) will be off doing something fabulous - spending time with family and friends and enjoying their holidays and most of all catching up on sleep and relaxing! Now...beginning teachers have to do all of this - as well as all of the school work, reports, planning for next term, reorganising our classrooms etc. I can't wait til one day in the somewhat distant future where I can actually enjoy my holidays!

Now - off to pack because my best friend S has just reshuffled our plans for the beach. ;) Need to make sure I remember to pack everything:
  • towel - check
  • togs - check
  • warm weather/cold weather clothes - check
  • plan book - check
  • text books - check
  • reflection journal - check
  • school laptop - check
  • sanity folder (mentoring programme folder) - check
  • trashy novel - check
  • sunglasses - check
  • sunscreen - check
  • make sure Zo has someone looking after him and feeding him - check
See you all when I get back :)


I do love school holidays!

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