Thursday, 4 June 2015

Social Studies: Sustainability

Most of my students have been working hard with their work around sustainability. Some are finding it difficult - I think this is partly because I'm still finding my way around teaching it. I need to spend more time writing up good resources for this unit and thinking it through.

I also think that we shouldn't have spent so much time on our sustainability assessment - it was meant to be a three day presentation and we've dragged it on too long. As a result - quite a few students have finished and are getting bored.

The good part of this I suppose is that they have been helping to improve what our focus is and they've been showing leadership within the class.

I really like that they've been developing their mindsets around their effort levels in class.

It's a large class and the space is difficult to organise to make the most of the learning opportunities.

I'm hoping to spend more time creating indepth resources that actually help - rather than seem pointless.

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