Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Update on eLearning at Heights

It's been a while... and when it's been a while you can tell that there has to be things going on that's either stressful, exciting or has higher priority than blogging.

One of my key forms of release is writing - this blog particularly keeps me focussed and assured of next steps in my own learning and that of my students.

Since that eLearning workshop and to be honest even preparing for it - it's taken a huge part of my focus and time and energy. Staff members are coming up to me, asking questions and booking time to have one-on-one tutorials with me.

I've finally spent a bit of time on myself and got my head sorted in that sense... but know that I needed to blog it out, stay focussed and think about my next steps.

So far I've connected with the Connected Learning Advisory, we (Donella and I) have signed our school up with the eLPF framework and I've also begun the Netsafe kit process towards digital citizenship and thereby making necessary policies around our safety and security prior to going BYOD.

I've made log sheets up for one-on-one tutorials, time spent on eLearning coaching and development, a two-pronged action plan that is now prioritised and organised as well as the beginnings of an eLearning plan that I want to turn into a strategic plan for staff to have more self-directed learning and what Steve Wheeler calls 'desire lines' or selected pathways of interest.

The eLearning hub is slowly being built too.

My coaching session with Carolyn was so so useful that I now have clear steps of what needs to happen but the main thing that came out of it - was that I know what I need to do, the how and also they why. I just have to remind myself that I can do this and more importantly that I know what I'm doing. The fact that I try for myself first and then ask others for help when needed shows that I'm practising what I 'preach'.

The issue with reports at the moment has put a standstill on the learning which is annoying. I'd hoped for follow on sessions sooner than later - but it looks like we need to book in for term three instead.

I've discussed the need for a student eLearning group as well who will help the transition and I've got a few takers interested. Biggest issue though is digi cit skills and self-management. I think we need to be teaching more around the competencies.

Next steps:

- get surveys for digi cit done by staff, students and community
- begin building strategic plan for eLearning PLD
- begin creating workshops and breakout choices for upcoming sessions
- share online booking form for 1:1 tutorials
- ask eLearning team what they're prepared to help with - strategic and logisitcs or workshop pld - and begin delegating to the team so it's not just me and Donella...
- email CLA back with more details
- show the feedback we've already had and go from there :)
- collect names and ideas for eLearning student group

Reminder needed to keep blogging to stay close to ground and focus on priority - students come first - staff and PLD second. I just wish that I could teach my students the way that I want to - with more time and energy put into resources and lessons.

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