Thursday, 11 June 2015

First Coaching Session

In addition to the one-on-one eLearning session with our staff, I've started getting coached by a registered education coach.

Our session yesterday showed me that I know what I'm doing and more importantly that I know what I want to do and where to go.

Surprisingly I know how I want to get there too.

The questions she asked were increasingly probing and there were only a couple of times that I went off on a tangent or answered the question in a less direct way.

She repeated back what I'd said nearly every time in differing words - clarifying and simplifying what I'd said into clear and strong points. Taking the true essence of what I thought and said and delivering it in a way that I'd hear that I knew that I was on the right track.

She went through a couple of scenarios where I had to imagine another teacher who had already achieved basically eveything I wanted.. the first thing I said was that I'd be jealous of her but surprisngly - discussing what her steps would be helped me to define what mine will be. Loved that.

When we finished the session, she repeated back everything I'd said and I wrote down what was pivotal to me. She'd said that from what I said there were two clearly pronged action plans, one for me and one for the staff.

My next steps are all there in what I'd said.

Totally worth it and am looking forward to my next session next term.

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