Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 1 of #28DaysofWriting: Playing catch up

Still feel a bit guilty for not blogging over the holidays but when it comes down to it... I posted a tonne of ...posts last year and am incredibly proud of a wide ranging bunch of them too. So... the #28Days of Writing challenge, originally posted by @tombarrett has given me a reason to get back on board.

For me writing is cathartic. Even more so when there's something niggling at the back of your mind, trying to make sense of a difficult or precarious situation.

This year as I've already said is about consistency for me. I want to continue doing what I did last year but make sure that I'm getting enough time to relax and focus too. As well I need to spend more time with my family and friends which I didn't do much of last year.

Just before Christmas I went back to Opotiki and got told off quite clearly by my little niece Blaise. She came over to me, not her running, jumping into my arms like usual self and said, "Aunty I haven't seen you in a loooong time." Jeez that seriously cut me aye. This kid is honestly the most amazing little girl on the planet. For her to say that to me the way she did, kind of looking at the ground and the wall at the same time just broke my heart. She's four, five in March and she is incredibly intelligent, beautiful and honest. Yes she can be a bit of a drama queen as her mum (my sister Danielle) says but I think that's just what makes her awesome. The fact that I got her into Pochantas and share a love for Disney musicals with her... was seriously the beginning of our awesome relationship. And so with Miss Blaise in mind I need to make sure I am being consistent. Because I don't want to miss any more of her growing up. Nor my three other neices and nephews time as they grow up too. It's just too special at this time of their lives.

With that thought in mind it's also difficult to think that I chose the PPTA Issues and Organsising conference over my Wilson family reunion. With all of the drama that I hold on my shoulders, where I think about having to constantly assert that I am my father's child, first child too even, it felt like I would be regretting not going to the conference. Particularly as I don't want to miss out on the possibility of being part of the ETC again for 2015.

So with consistency and a strong focus on who I actually want to be in mind - I think 2015 will be another good year :)

Looking forward to the next few days of this challenge. Need to recreate the writing habit! Thanks Tom!!