Friday, 13 February 2015

#ConnectedRotorua - RTC Ready - Mokoia Intermediate


RTC developed and shared on Google slides and then embedded -

Create class blogs on own Gmail acc and share it with your school acc so that you keep your information, evidence and so that if you leave schools then you won't loe it

Absolutely LOVE Leigh's templte on Google Sites!!!! Really would like to do this on my website a well.


Leigh's video to use google sites:

Blogging - every post can be linked with RTC's.

**Find out what shelfari is!!!!**

Need to get my digi badges sorted out too :D

Shaun uses is Wikispace as an e-portfolio.

NEW GOAL: Add RTC's as tags to blog posts!!! - Neil's professional journey blog.
Neil has used Tataiako in his blog as tags too.

Creative Commons - important to ensure you use video and photos appropriately :)

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