Monday, 23 February 2015

Building On Success/Kia Eke Panuku Observation

This morning, I was observed by Ali and Kahira and a member of the BOS/KEP team during my Year 12 English Alternative class. I had previously thought I had the Year 10 Social Studies class so I'd made up the resources that I had planned out during the weekend before staff briefing... needless to say I'm looking forward to that particular lesson later on today!! :)

This morning though with the Y12 students, I warned them about me getting observed and that in essence they were being observed too with their learning and with their understanding of the lessons and their interaction with me as their teacher.

It is always a bit nerve wracking having observers in your class but I actually enjoy it because it gives me reflection time and it also helps to remind me the point of why I'm a teacher and thinking about ways to improve my own teaching and development as a teacher.

My two areas that I have chosen to work on during the post-ob chat are co-construction and feed forward.