Thursday, 31 May 2012

Strategic Planning

What a day. I was super stressed from yesterday arvo and was really pissed off with a few of my Y9s. I realised after that it was only a few once my mentor S mentioned that despite those few students, there was quite a lot ofgood work being done by the rest of the class., especially after form time (although they were actually pretty good overall with the peer supporters doing group work). I wish there were more times like this where they.worked together to build unity.and.the family bond. I've been really enjoying the inter-school netball games. We've won two out of the three round robin games (today was awesome and tasted sweeter after the chat we had in class).

The chat was a result of my korero with Matua J. He relaxed me and told me about a few new strategies that I can use in class. The first one was what his mum did. She was a teacher too and would sit and wait her kids come in- checking out their attitudes and moods- and by doing so.created.a.calm environment by not yelling for.quiet, but by being quiet showed that she expected that quiet and patience.

The next strategy was one of his own. He how.he.has clear boundaries and complimentary guidelines that he regardless. I told.him how hat was/is my biggest problem-I don't stick to my rules and I let things slide waaay too much. So he told me about his bucket full of.water.strategy when it came to.phones. Basically, he warns them from the get go.and.thats and.only warning. If they bring it out he takes it off them and chucks it in.the water. He said that some kids would say to him, oh.matua, you.would't do that! And his.reaponse was, Try me.

So, with these two strategies in hand, I went to english class feeling much morr better about myself, my authority as a teacher and as a human being. First off I welccomed them in and I then sat down and basically waited for them to.shut up. It took them a while to.realise I was.waiting, but.they soon got the .message from the other students to be quiet as I kept smiling at those.who were patiently.waiting. So.strategy one worked. We then had a 20 minute korero.about tikanga and he role.they have in class. Respect, listening and above all else, work completion.

I also told them.about rule.bout phones. The water rule. Only one student didn't believe me and I think that's more to do.with him being a smartass than anything else and probably having got.used being so.soft. The boys' friend was the one who had out and refused because he was scared that I would put water. Jeez. If he had given it to me, would I have put it in the water? I don't know but I definately.would.have had to.follow up on.the threat I'd used!

So, thanks to.Matua J's strategies, I actually had a good lesson. Yay!