Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Although early days, I see so much potential. I cannot wait.

On Monday this week at the Ōpōtiki College planning day, we were working on a new unit and term plan. Two units really - a literacy bridging course and research project.


- loved that there was so much sharing and connecting with prior knowledge
- asking my new colleagues what they wanted to see in the dept and what they needed for resourcing
- connecting on issues with literacy with students
- the theme of identity for the y9s and the 'Coast by Nature' curriculum theme for the y10s and 9s maybe?
- we sat around the table in the dept and looked at the achievement objectives over all three areas 3-5 and I talked with them about how we'd identify which AO's to use once we'd fleshed out the content a bit more
- the collaboration and discussion of possible texts, organising the room
- listening and actioning their ideas, incorporating their experience with juniors and sharing my resources and experience too
- connecting with them all through the PLD with Julie Luxton and discussing the ways forward for our students with the PAT tests

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