Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Interlead Reflections - 9/12/13

 A few things:
My Inquiry on How to Involve Quiet Students in Class Discussions
I suppose this year I've tried to do whole class, and then broke it up into small groups, and then one on one. That seems to have helped. Though I know the kids that are quiet seem to be the ones that are generally more reflective and intuitive. Their writing is often deep and show another level of perspective that might not come through even when speaking one on one. Some people just don't like speaking. And that's okay!!
So perhaps re-introducing the question box?
Still stoked with heights.
Happy with the end of the year and a bit frustrated with a few niggly problems with the reports... some people not finishing their reports properly so that there were blanks and no comments. Mostly okay now but yup.
Would really like Heights to be more e-copy rather than paper copy. More email rather than putting multiple copies of things in my pigeonhole... that I ultimately lose because I suck at paper organising... but am amazing at e-organising. 
My goals at Heights:
1) Incorporate Epic Voices Singing Group in more depth and make it more accessible - do away with auditions?
2) Introduce Rock and Water
3) Join Interact and become more involved with charity work and community work in school (Being in Rotaract will help this)
4) Help more people become aware of Interact and Duke of Ed and how amazing these groups are (so that it's not only a certain group of kids - or a particular perception of it?)
5) Devices Policy
6) Teach Social Studies and History as well as English :)
7) Get involved with PB4L
8) Get Registration and evidence sorted
9) Be organised and teach well!
10) Meet my HGT kids whanau
11) Teach in Ako
12) Save money and pay off bills
13) Become a Heights institution? 
14) Organise the English T Drive
15) Help build up the Media department
16) Get involved with Waka Ama
17) Take the PI kids to Pasifika and Polyfest (and make them sing rather than dance to a cd)
18) Help make the library cooler (book reviews, book club, posters, couches?)
19) Get COWS for English... or a new department built or... a computer suite just for English - OR have the wireless strong enough the kids can use their own devices with the input of our Devices Policy!
20) Create an online database for our English books 
21) Help organise our moderation and coversheet/marking processes so that we're all using the same (esp Junior schedules and senior moderation meetings)
22) Sort out a Whanau/Teacher Meetup Picnic day for Kowhai/my HTG?
23) Find out whether there is a need for a more inclusive ESOL class rather than just for foreign fee-paying students
24) Keep making goals! :)
Personal goals this relates to: To involve quiet students in class discussions, To have work marked in at least a week turnaround, To do more relevant Professional Development and Professional Learning for both English and History
Criteria this relates to: Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning, Conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning programme., Ako - Taking responsibility for their own learning and that of Māori learners.

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