Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Vlogging.... A Whole New World

Wow. How come it's taken me THIS long to do a real Vlog? I've been blogging since... jeez since I was 13? On livejournal. I shared... I overshared and now at 25 I'm beginning to understand my Dad's comment last year about my FB posts and how one comment -  "Jeez Alex, you're 25" changed my entire mindset about how I share stuff.

Despite it not looking like I've stepped back from my online presence... I know I have. The stuff I post now are meant to be interesting, funny, entertaining and also help keep my friends and whanau updated. This online presence of mine is well old. I've been using the internet/computers since I was eight. I began using Encarta and played that Encarta game endlessly. Then came Hotmail and Neopets and online chatting.  I was hooked.

Soon came Youtube with those terrible old videos and the Harry Potter Fanfiction on YahooGroups obsession where I fell madly in love with ALTU stories.

And then Myspace where I could listen to amazing music and like my favourite bands and singers and show off my singing skills. And then came Bebo once I'd grown out of dodgy Myspace. I used Bebo during high school and the first year of uni. And then I left Bebo behind when I realised that Facebook was for cool kids who were all at Uni/College and felt a strong sense of community. Until the rest of the world joined FB and I was angry for a while until I realised how even more amazing this was. I could talk to my Dad and siblings who'd just come back into my life and 'friend' them too.

And then Youtube grew steadily bigger as did Trademe. And Facebook took up sooo much of my time because... not only is it a great study tool (procrastination tool?) it's also the best way to keep in touch with people....or be annoyed and severely affected by people :s

So... after many years and one failed attempt at filming my friends' cat that we hid in our halls of residence rooms at uni.... I have finally started uploading real videos. I don't know how long it will last and whether I'll be bothered to carry on with it when school starts back. After all it is only the second day of Term One holidays... so we all know how much I love starting stuff and then realising I don't have as much energy to keep up with stuff during the term!

If you want to be updated with silly things... sometimes intellectual... check out www.youtube.com/user/ariaporo

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