Friday, 8 December 2017

Overview of 2017 - mindblank reflection

So - it's been way too long. This year a lot of things have happened and now that it's the end of the year, my mind is finally catching up to me. To reflect on everything that happened this year would be a novel in and of itself. That's why we should reflect often. 
This year has had huge ups and huge lows. It's actually truly surprising that we've made it this far. Family issues, school issues, home issues. 

Reflecting is key. But this year I lost my way. When I look at my blog - I've only written 16 posts - this entire year.... In 2016, I wrote 80 posts. In 2015, I wrote 123. Back in 2014, I wrote 140 posts. 

I guess last year was a key indicator that I was losing my blogging/reflecting mojo and trying to deal with things internally - rather than reflecting, letting it out of my system and getting my thoughts out onto proverbial paper. 

This year - like I said, there has just been so much going on. All I can do is bulletpoint them. Maybe at some point I will reflect further. I hope so, because it can't carry on like this. 
  • My gran passed away
  • Four students passed away this year. Three I knew. One I had taught. 
  • Many disclosures from students - all referred on to the guidance team and heads of houses. It's still heavy. Weighing heavy. Because these things aren't just small things. Most of the students I referred have since got help. Some have not. 
  • Kemu - in all their awesomeness, all the planning and driving them around to different appointments, helping them set things up and get them confident in their knowledge for the next step, helping them engage with their community, helping to develop their ideas and creating new opportunities and introductions to people that might help them promote their product later in the future. Am so freaking proud of them and their journey thus far.
  • Social studies class - wow. There really are no words to describe just how proud I am of this class. The in-depth learning, discussions, engagement with the community and the council, developing plans to help our school be more mindful of next steps for energy efficiency, encouraging students to be more mindful of their impact on the world around them, developing new resources and finding my happy place teaching social studies, again. 
  • and... the not so awesomeness of possibilities for next year
  • The support from different colleagues and friends at school
  • The even small moments, seemingly insignificant from another's point of view. The hello's and the how are you's and the people checking in when I really was not coping, particularly when they didn't know what was going on. Thank you.
  • The stress and frustration of data crunching but the happy surprise when I looked at my y11 results. They did so well this year. My Y12s... not so much. But the majority of them have come back in or emailed their work in - finally. 
  • The students for being their awesome selves. Understanding and supportive. Making me laugh each day. 
  • My family for always being there for me. No matter what.
  • To my mates - for making me laugh in the darkest of times
  • Throughout all the stress, there was light. Remembering to take my own advice and look up.
  • My y10 English class. At times stressful and frustrating, other times interesting and hilarious. Lots of interesting learning and overall development of students confidence in the subject. 
  • The opportunities through PPTA and developing my own confidence as time went on as the BOP Regional Chair. 
  • Developing more awareness of self and what I need on a day to day basis - through my use of my bullet journal <3 li="">
  • Opportunities taken, missed, hoped for
  • New goals set for next year
  • Travel plans set for next year
  • New exciting things on the horizon
  • Hopeful and optimistic always. Trying to avoid becoming too cynical and burnt out.

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