Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Best Lessons Today :)

Mixture of getting my planning mojo back and having things more organised. Using my whiteboard planners more effectively and now I just need to add TRUMP.

But seriously. Had the best day today learning with my students. Still a few students who need reigning in but the majority of students I was just so so so so so so so impressed with today. Very cool.

The social studies class was epic. Beyond belief. I love that they asked hard questions of the Amnesty students and that my students are thinking in depth about the ramifications of doubling the quota for their freedom challenge. Making them see it from the refugees perspective is key.

Y12 English was amazing too. So cool to see them thinking and working together. Good to see the table of four who are usually disengaged be completely on task and engaged with Gone Girl. Think I did choose the right films in the end for the class. Just hope that I've got enough thoughts in process for the next few lessons with group analysis of the two texts.

Y11 was super cool. Good to see them all focussed and building the V for Vendetta plot structure with me. I'm happy with how we plotted it yesterday. Think I needed the full board though... I wonder whether I could do it with an OHT showing both V and Evey's plots and events and how they differ and compare and compliment each other. Bet there's an app for that though!

Need to find more of those resources we made last year in Y10. I swear I had heaps. Maybe I shared them and they were taken from the folder? Surely not... maybe I just didn't type up what we'd written down? Freedom Writers is such a cool film and it has so so many bits and pieces. It needs depth. My students need to be pushed to their full potential. My increasing concern is that they won't deal well with Y11 if they can't focus or attribute appreciation for their learning over socialising and gossipping. Thought they'd be over it from last year. Not yet it seems.

Looking forward to seeing how a colleague's class turns out with having watched Chappie. Such a cool film!

Am very much so looking forward to our GHO with Leanne tomorrow :)

Tired. At least my room isn't so cold! Thanks heater. Sleep time.

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